Thursday, January 5, 2012

5 things for Friday!

Yes, I missed last week, lol, but I made up for it by completing all my other posts!

1) I'm getting excited about subbing next year again!  (It goes back and forth of me being terrified, me wanting to cry, and me being excited).  I'm thinking about getting on the sub list for the high school I went to (in addition to the grade school I went and Venily also goes to now), so I really think that will be fun!  But leaving Haven for any length of time whatsoever, does NOT sound like fun!

2) My 2012 resolutions are moving along well (as they should be only 6 days into the new year, lol!). :)
* 1.5 books read
* walked around the lake twice (yesterday and today) and my thighs and butt are killing me, lol! (I'm totally out of shape)
* completed one pinterest craft
* about 1/2 way done with one drawing and am working on my business- I already have a bunch of orders with the little work I've put in, so that is promising!
* I've been thinking about lots of ideas for other things too, so much so that at night, it is hard for me to sleep b/c my brain is still going 100mph!

3) Haven's last (and most difficult) molar cut through 2 days ago!  YES, done with teething forever!!! (It's been 2 months since her 3rd two-year molar cut through- that final one was definitely taking it's time!

4) Venily has her 4 1/4 birthday coming up next week and I have some cool new updates about her reading progress! :)

5) I have not seen or heard from our crazy cat lady neighbor in a long time.  The last thing she did was take down half of her ridiculously tall, awkward fence and put up a flimsy, falling apart bamboo-ish fence in place of the other half.  Normally she is running around the neighborhood all the time, talking to her plants and trees, or just staring at something in her yard while standing perfectly still for hours on end (not even exaggerating.).   I wonder what she is up to!

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