Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Resolution Review- June!

Half way through the year!!!!  6 more months to complete my resolutions!

Resolution #1- Read 100 books this year.  So far I've read:

January- 11 books
February- 5 books
March- 10 books
April- 8 books
May- 11 books
June- 9 books

 TOTAL: 54 books (and since I'm halfway through the year, I should have 50 read at this point!)

Status:  Doing awesome!  This month I read the last 2 books in The Hunger Games trilogy (AMAZING!!!), the newest Sookie Stackhouse book (okay, but glad I didn't buy it) and books 13-18 in the Anita Blake series (lol, obsessed much?- I love them!).


Resolution #2- Work out at least 30 minutes 2x per week.

STATUS:  I don't do this consciously, but subconsciously, I definitely do!  We like to be active, especially in the Summer.  It makes me feel better, but I would like to make a more concentrated effort as well!


Resolution #3- I WILL donate blood this year.

STATUS:  Completed 2/17.  Well overdue for my next time!


Resolution #4- Get boudoir pictures taken of myself.

STATUS:  Still waiting.  I am working on my tan! ;)


Resolution #5- Drink more water

STATUS:  Doing pretty good.


RESOLUTION #6: Plan out a summer home-schooling curriculum for Venily and stick to it!
STATUS: Totally forgot I added this to my list!  Oops!  I bring the girls to daily library storytimes and activities, etc.  So I guess I'm not doing too bad!
RESOLUTION #7:  Paint a picture of my girls to hang up in my house.  (This is something that I've wanted to do for a very long time and I know will be very time demanding, but it's something I really want to do!)

STATUS:  Nothing completed yet.  I am going to a craft store this week though to start getting materials!

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