Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Camping- Blue Mounds!

We took our "new" pop-up camper and spent 2 nights at Blue Mound State Park at the end of June.  This was Venily's 3rd time camping and Haven's 2nd (though last year Haven and I didn't make it through the night, lol, it was freezing cold in our tent and she was only 7 months old and we were close to home {See pics here}).

I'm a HUGE fan of campers!!!  Tent camping is just not for me, lol!  I went camping my whole life every single summer with my grandparents and they had a huge camper, so that's what I'm used to!  Our camper is just perfect for us now!

We had a great time this time!!  The Tombari's came with us for the 1st night.  We cooked lots over the fire, went swimming, went hiking, etc.  And the weather was perfect!  The one morning it rained we just ended up going on a tour of the Cave of the Mounds instead!  It was right around nap time so Haven fell asleep while we were watching a short movie before the tour, lol.  The tour lasted 1 hour and Haven slept for 30 minutes of it!  I couldn't believe she could sleep while being carried through an underground cave at 50 degrees, haha!  She woke up and was really excited though!  Venily was tired and crabby at first, but got in a better mood when Daddy let her use his headlight and she got to be a little cave explorer! :) 

The funniest thing of the whole trip was during the 1st night.  It was the middle of the night when I hear Jake yelling, lol.  He was outside yelling and throwing things at the raccoons that broke into his cooler and ate ALL of his food (including opening up packages of things and eating everything inside)!!  Jason was out there with him and he was talking about how he had been up for hours and how scared he had been and I was just laying in bed cracking up!!! LOL!!!

Jason is planning lots more camping trips this summer!  Can't wait!

In the camper:

My awesome $2 garage sale find (brand new in the package) the day before we went! :)

Super nice pool (with kid pool)

Towers we hiked to:

Mining for gemstones outside of the cave


And... more camping cuteness!


  1. I would LOVE to go with you guys sometime! Now let try to convince my Husband that working on demo cars can be put on hold for 1 weekend! =(

  2. YES, you guys should definitely come (and we have plenty of room in the camper)!! We can go during the week since Jason usually has shows on the weekends! Any place you are interested in going?