Friday, July 8, 2011

Haven is 21 months!

A little behind (as always).  But Haven turned 21 months on June 26th!!!!

Haven is
1 3/4 years old!

Ahhhh!  Only 3 more months until her birthday!!!!!  I bought both the girls' birthday dresses today (to match their theme, lol!)

At 18 months she weighed 25lbs, 12 oz and was 36 inches tall.
At 21 months she weighs about 26 lbs and is 36.5 inches tall. (just the right height not to be able to fit under our counter anymore without hitting her head! :(  )

(which puts her at 59% for weight and still WAY off the charts for height!)

Clothes- A solid 3T for shirts and dresses.  I've been putting a few 2T's on her and she fits into a few 4T's as well!!  (Venily is a 4T, lol!).  2T for pants and skirts (a few 3T).  3T for pajamas.

Shoes- 7!  She has a TON of new 7's I was able to take out from storage!!  But I can't even squeeze her feet into any of her 6.5's! She has a bunch of shoes she was never even able to wear!  :(

Underwear- 2T/3T- Venily gave Haven all of her old Dora underwear (which still fit her fine, lol) and Venily got some new princess underwear! :)

Hair length- I measured it today and it's still the same as at 18 months.  Mostly 3-4 inches all around and some 5 inches in her mullet, lol.  However, it has become MUCH fuller all around!!!  And the other day I was able to easily get it in high pigtails AND Haven left them in for quite a while, lol!!!!

Color- RED!  There is no denying it, haha! :)
# of teeth- 16

SLEEP- Sleeps like a princess!  Puts herself to sleep in her toddler bed for nap and bedtime.  Takes her nap around 1pm each day for 1-2 hours.  Goes to bed at around 8:00-8:30pm and wakes up at 6:45am (and will come in by me, tell me she needs to pee and then lays back down with me until around 7:15am).  She is waking up dry about 75% of the time now!!  However, out of the house (like while camping) is really hard for her to fall asleep!  And since it's summer and we've been super busy she's taken more car naps than I'd like, but 'oh, well!'

Oh, and she LOVES to sleep with her pillow pet!

We hit a small regression after going camping the 1st time.  The 1st day camping I kept her in a pull-up all day b/c I wasn't going to have access to a washing machine if she had an accident.  She had ZERO accidents the whole 1st day (including the 2 hour+ car ride) and woke up dry.  I was very excited, but she hadn't pooped at all.  The 2nd day was all down hill.  She was constipated and was having some problems pooping so she had a few accidents.  Then I decided to put her in underwear the 2nd half of the day while we went on a hike.  Well, at that time she still refused to pee in the grass (a few days ago was the 1st time I was able to get her to pee in the grass) so she had an accident while hiking as well even though she told us several times that she had to go before she went, we just couldn't make it to a bathroom in time.  

Since coming back, I decided to get rid of her little potty since she was going in the regular toilet more than the potty anyway.  That was a mistake and she's had a few accidents since then, so I decided to bring the potty seat back into the main room again and she is doing MUCH better!  Since being constipated, she doesn't want to poop in the big potty b/c she's scared it's going to hurt, but will poop in the little potty just fine.  And I've decided to start bringing along her travel potty for when we are outside and not near a toilet b/c she doesn't like going in the grass (though I'm hoping the success in our backyard will work for parks and such, we'll see!).

Overall, I think she's doing great!!  Underwear or nothing on all day except for nighttime.  Always wakes up dry from naps.  Underwear out of the house (and most accidents are not her fault, just can't make it to a toilet in time).  Venily never had any accidents out of the house, but I'm starting to see that that is probably not entirely typical for this age.  Haven has about 5-10 minutes after saying she needs to go where she NEEDS to find a potty!  She'll even tell me she needs to go while swimming!  And after 3 times of taking her to the nasty porta-potty one day, I finally told her to pee in the water and she squatted (above the water) and went, lol!

Update:  We just got back from camping again and she did MUCH better this time!  She has been doing really well, but is still having some pooping problems.  She prefers to poop in her little potty for some reason!

"My do it myself!" is becoming one of Haven's favorite sayings!!  She is a very independent little thing!!

She has perfected some amazing "cheese" and "cute" faces! :)

I don't remember if I wrote at all about how she walks, but right after she turned 18 months, Jason brought to my attention that her right foot is significantly turned inward.  I had never really noticed up until that point, but once he pointed it out, I could definitely tell.  It is still like that and I'm getting more and more concerned.  Jason wants me to make an appointment to see the doctor, but I think I'm just going to wait until her 2 year appointment.   Hopefully it rights itself by then!!

Cute Stories

I've been so bad about not writing down the millions of cute stories I have each day.  Here is one from a few days ago:

Haven:  (while eating a bowl of chocolate pudding) "Is this ice cream, Mommy?"
Me:  "No, it's pudding."
Haven:  "Oh, it pudding Mommy?"
Me:  "Yes.  Do you like it?"
Haven:  "Yes, mine good!"
(a little bit later)
Haven:  "Mommy, my all done!  My all messy!" (after eating about 1/3 of it, lol)


And here is one from yesterday while at the lake:
"Hi, Dog!!!!  Come here little sweetie!  Lick my hand sweetie!  Lick my hand, dog?!" 
(while holding out her hand and running after the dog)
(she does this to all dogs, LOL!)


  1. I will take her 6.5 shoes if you're willing to give them up?! =)

  2. Of course! I can give you the 6's too to try!