Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signed Venily up for Dance Class!!!

And gosh am I nervous!!  Soccer was a disaster, baseball was okay... so I'm hoping dance is great! lol!  She really wants to go and I want to encourage her to do things to help with her shyness!  It's a 6 week class that starts April 4th, 1x a week for 45 minutes each time.  There is a female teacher and I imagine a lot fewer dads are going to be there, so I'm really hoping she enjoys it!  She SAYS that she wants to go and that's she's really excited, etc, but I heard the same things about her other classes as well!  It's a bit more money than her other classes so I'm really hoping she's not sitting out the whole time watching the other kids.  If that is the case, I'm just going to wait a whole year before signing her up for any more classes!!  *please oh please oh please let her do good in this class!*  Also she has to wear dance clothes and how fricken cute is that?

I put a ton of shyness books on hold at the library (parenting books and children's books).  Maybe I will gain some insight?!

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  1. Dance is an excellent way to get a child out of her shell! I was always shy in elementary school, and that was the only way I could show my personality and open up! In high school I ended up being Captain of my dance team and never felt me confident!

    Good luck with this new journey!