Monday, March 21, 2011

Screening 2 of (hopefully 3)

Venily had a real 4K screening today (at our 2nd choice school)!!  I literally made myself sick about it all day (not letting Venily see any of that, of course)!

We got there and it was not good.  She didn't want to go into the room.  Finally, she went in with me even though she was supposed to go alone.  The first thing she needed to do was throw a ball.  Absolutely refused.  Crumbled to the ground and refused to talk or look at the teacher whatsoever.  We tried skipping to the cutting activity.  Nope, refused!  I was mentally telling myself not to cry!  The teacher was like "oh it happens, we'll schedule her another meeting in April and maybe it will go better next time."  She was really understanding and nice, but I felt like the world's biggest failure as a parent! :(

Soooo.... we stuck around out in the hall for a while longer.  There was a table set up with crayons and big legos and the girls were playing with those.  The teacher came out after a while and showed us the kindergarten rooms, etc.  She thought Venily was 5 and in for the 5K screening b/c she's so tall, lol!  Venily clung to Jason the whole time and wouldn't say a word except when she'd whisper in his ear.  We went and sat back at the table debating whether we should just leave.  Venily was playing with the legos when the other teacher (the actual 4K teacher) came over and asked Venily if she could play blocks with her.  She absolutely refused to say anything to her.  But the teacher just kept playing with her and asking her questions about what she was making.  Venily made a car and the teacher made a garage for it.  By the end Venily was nodding her head to questions! (Seriously this woman was a godsend!).  Then she asked Venily if she wanted to come with her and get a sticker.  She said yes and off they went back into the room!!!!!   She stayed in there and did the whole screening with the woman while we sat out in the hall!!!  I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!!!  The other teacher even came out and told us that Venily was doing great and that she was talking and doing really well!  ♥  I only got to overhear a few things they did, but that's okay!

After a long time (I can't believe how extensive the screening is!), she came out smiling with 2 stickers on her shirt!  ♥  They said that we'd get the results in the mail in 2-3 weeks!  Honestly, I don't care what the results are or if she's even able to go to the school (we still have absolutely no idea), I'm just so glad that she was able to go by herself and complete the screening!!  ♥  We took her out for ice cream afterward and she got to watch her new princess movie from the library!  I am so very proud of her!!  She keeps singing "If you're scared, just try it.... and you'll love it!" (in a made up song, lol)!!

I have 3 parenting books on shyness at my house now... I better get to reading! 

P.S.  I LOVE this school and LOVE the teacher!!  Even though it would suck driving Venily to and from school every day, I would love for this to be her school next year!


  1. what school is it?? Just curious. Kayla

  2. Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated (they joined together). The 4K class is at the Wilmot building right now but they are building a new wing to the Trevor building and her class would be at the Trevor school next year.