Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Screening 1 of (hopefully) 3

Preschool/ 4K Update

Venily had her first screening yesterday.  This one was for Head Start (the 3rd on my list of hopeful outcomes).  Actually, it was really just me filling out a TON of paperwork, she didn't have to do anything for this one (though she'll have an eval taken sometime soon).  She was pretty shy at first anyway- which then turned to naughtiness by the end.  Hopefully our 4K screening next week goes well!  We are still waiting for the Wheatland School Board meeting to take place (I guess the middle of this month) to see if there is any way she can be early admitted to Wheatland.

I still have mixed emotions on Head Start.  For one, I don't know if the one she will go to will take her half days (it's a full day program, which I guess is rare).  Though on the other hand, Venily is driving me absolutely crazy and I'm wondering if a full day program wouldn't be such a bad idea... haha.  Also, Jason and I got a bad impression of the teachers we saw at the head quarters (though the lady we spoke with was really nice).  However, I guess the teacher she'd be with has her Master's degree and is a great teacher.  I just don't know, I think I'd probably feel a lot better if I actually got to meet the teacher and see the room she'd be in.  

Oh!  Also, they lied straight to us while we were at the headquarters!  There was a police officer there and Jason walked into the office area to wait and heard them talking about a missing girl (maybe one of the teacher's actual children or someone), describing the girl, when she went missing, etc.  The lady that did our screening wasn't the woman who usually does them and was visibly shooken up.  She kept saying that a child was sick and they had been dealing with it all morning (but she kept being really vague and correcting herself a lot when she'd say something that didn't make sense with the rest of her story), but when we left and got in the car, Jason told me that NO, a child wasn't sick, there was a child MISSING (he had overheard it).  Hmmmm....  I DESPISE being lied to!  Why even say anything to us?!  I'd rather she had just said "an incident" or something... or nothing at all, what would I have known?!  Oh well...

On a different subject, I brought Haven to a Building Blocks class all by herself for the first time this morning (while Venily was at preschool.  Usually it's not worth me driving Venily to school, coming home, driving back to Burlington, coming home, and then driving there and back again to pick Venily up.... but Jason dropped her off at school this morning on the way to his classes, so it wasn't so bad.  Plus Haven and I visited stores in between Building Blocks and picking Venily up!  Haven did so well, I was so proud of her!  I really should bring her to more places by herself.  She loved the songs and dancing and marching, and toys and all of that!  I need to make sure that she doesn't become shy at all and gets in her socialization in other setting that don't include Venily! :)

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