Saturday, March 26, 2011

Haven is 18 months old!!! ♥

Haven is
1 1/2 years old! 

SIZES- Have to wait until her doctor appt April 5th for her height and weight but she is currently in the following sizes:

Clothes- 24m and 2T.  Her 2T pajamas are not going to last much longer though, lol!  I'm actually scared to try on 3T because I bet they'd fit her! :(  People are constantly telling me how tall she is, lol, she is steadily gaining on Venily!

Shoes- 6

Diapers- size 4- Now that she is 18m, I am going to be stepping up on her potty training! (which is going to be extra hard since I'm going to start watching Kylee (who is 17m) in April! Yikes!).  I haven't been doing much with her lately.  Every once in a while I'll put her on and she'll poop and we talk about how she is going to start going on the potty like a big girl soon and not have any more diapers, but now I will start putting her on a few times each day.  Once she hits 19 months I will step it up more and go into full out training mode!  I'm really hoping she's as easy to train as Venily was!!

Hair length-4 inches on top and the longest strands in the back middle are 5 inches! :)  It's definitely getting longer, yay!  The sides are covering her ears now and she has the silliest little curly mullet tail in the back! :)

Color- A darker red/blonde/light brown combo!  Just gorgeous! :)

# of teeth- still 12!  Though her top left and bottom right incisors are about half way cut through, but aren't "officially" cut all the way through yet!

speech- Well over 1,000 words and able to speak in sentences quite well!  I'm amazed at the kind of conversations I'm able to have with her!  Like these! :)  

Oh and here is how she says hers and her sister's names:

Venily= Veniwee
Haven= Haynen

I think it's so cute!  I hear "Stop Veniwee!" and "Thank you Veniwee!" and "C'mon Veniwee!" all day long!  ♥  They are still BEST friends!!  The biggest problem I have between the two is that Venily thinks she's her mom and is always trying to make her do things!  They play all day long together though really well!  And Haven no longer lets Venily get away with taking toys or making her mad, lol, it's kind of nice to see her sticking up for herself!

A few other funny things she says:
"Where (insert name or toy or animal, etc. etc.) go?"  She says this ALL THE TIME about her Daddy!!  "Where Daddy go?  ...Where Daddy go?" (And me too, but there is not many places I go, haha, usually it's just the bathroom!)

Likes to use the word "too".  Give her a snack and right away she'll say "milk too!" or if I get her coat on b/c we are going somewhere she'll be like "shoes too!" :)

She will count everything, but definitely knows the difference between one or two of something.  If she is reading a book she'll be like "one ball", "two puppies", "one sheep", "two chairs" etc (correctly)

Likes to say "other one (insert object)".  Like when I'm putting on her socks she'll be like "other one sock" after I get the first one on.... like I'm going to forget to put the other one on, lol!

I also have both girls saying "Yes, mother!" and "Okay, mother!" (sometimes she substitutes Mommy in as well) and it cracks me up so much!!!!

SLEEP-It's been a little off since she's been sick with a double ear infection the last two weeks, but she is starting to get back on track again!  She goes to bed at 8pm every night.  She usually sleeps through the night, but occasionally will crawl into bed with us in the middle of the night (I only find out about it in the morning though, lol, I never wake up when she crawls into bed!).  Otherwise she usually crawls into bed with us at 6am and falls back asleep until around 7am.  She takes her naps at 1pm and sleeps for 2-3 hours.  Lately she sleeps in her toddler bed for 1-2 hours of that and then comes out and falls back asleep on the couch for another hour or 2.  It should be interesting when I have another child sleeping at this same time starting in April, lol!!

Playing:  She has become soooo creative in her independent play!  She is just fascinating to watch and listen to while she's playing by herself.  She'll have her babies and little people doing all kinds of hilarious things.

Favorite things in this world:
* Playing outside

* Ladybugs!! (as long as they don't come at her unexpectedly, lol!)  The other day she was playing with one in the house and she kept saying "HI, LADYBUG!!" and then she told me it was going "up, up the mountain" while it climbed up the window, lol!  And when it was out of reach she told me she wanted to "give kisses!! ...and hugs too!"  ♥

 * Princesses!!!  Both of the girls are in a princess loving phase!  Tinkerbell too!  Haven always wants to wear her princess or Tinkerbell jammies!  The other day she came into the bathroom, got up on the stool, grabbed the brush and started brushing her hair while looking into the mirror and saying "pretty princess"! :)

*Lotion!!- she tells me all the time "Mommy!  Lotion- cheeks!" (so silly... that and MAKE-UP!! Always wants make-up on!)

* Her favorite toy is still her slide!  She absolutely loves babies and stuffed animals too.  And dress up stuff and pretend food.  She is forever feeding me pretend soup, haha!  Oh and she loves books of course!  I'm to the point where I think I might have to hide a certain few books that I've read over a million times!! :)

* Climbing up on things and getting into trouble.  Every toy/ piece of furniture/ basket, etc is a way to climb up and get into something else!  Oh boy!  LUCKILY she takes after her Daddy and is apparently pretty good at climbing so she hasn't gotten really hurt yet... but there is always a first time! :(

Some things she knows:
* How to sing the whole alphabet!
* How to count to 10 (and to 16 with help... she says 1-10, I say "11, 12", she says "13, 14", I say 15, she says "16")
* The following shapes: circle, triangle, star, heart, crescent moon
* She knows a lot of her colors and can say the names of all of them, but still mixes them up often
* The following dinosaurs: pteranadon, T-Rex, trolladon, stegasaurus, brachiosaurus... and sometimes a few others. Loves her Dinosaur Train! Haha!
* Tons and tons of songs!  She just learned "Little Bunny FooFoo!"  Cutest thing EVER!! :)

Oh, and I'm way behind on things!  We went to the Wisconsin Dells in the beginning of the month and stayed at the Wilderness!  Both of the girls had a ton of fun!  Haven is a little fish and absolutely loves water... she asks me every once in a while if she can go to the waterpark, haha!

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