Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another double ear infection! :(

I took Haven into the walk-in today because she has been a wreck the last couple of days.  Normally she is very easy going and never throws tantrums, but when she has ear infections, every little thing is a break down, lol!  She won't let me leave her side whatsoever and heaven forbid, you give her something she doesn't want... YIKES!!  Yesterday I turned on Dinosaur Train to see if she'd let me do the dishes and she said "NO Dinosaur Train... Wonder Pets!!" (followed by a melt down).  LOL!  I miss my happy little girl!!!!!

She did great at the doctor's though, I was really proud of her!  Had no problem with the nurse or doctor listening to her heart or looking at her ears, taking her temp, etc.  However, she flat out REFUSED to stand on the scale and get weighed.  She kept arching her back and throwing a fit!!  Both her ears were definitely infected and she got put on an antibiotic (Cefdinir) which was the same one she got put on last month as well.

Her last double ear infection was just one month ago, so I'm really hoping this trend stops!!!!  This is her 5th time having an ear infection!  Venily only had 1 at Haven's age! :(  I haven't seen her pediatrician since her 15m checkup, but she goes for her 18m checkup on April 4th, so we'll see what she has to say!

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