Friday, March 25, 2011

Our great news!

Okay, here it goes... our hopeful great news!  I wasn't sure I was allowed to share, but Jason has been telling people, so I guess I can too! :)

1.)  JASON WAS OFFERED A NEW JOB!!!  It's full time making almost double what he makes now plus benefits!!  And will be an actual STEADY position making salary rather than what he is doing now... a whole lot of part time stuff with no guarantees.  Plus it's something he loves to do and he can still continue going to school full time.  The club that he does sound for is under new management and they created a new position and asked him to be in charge of all their sound and lighting and installing a new top of the line sound system.  He's super great at what he does and I'm so glad that it has finally paid off!  This was a huge life goal for him for many, many years, but now he really wants to be a police officer, so it will do in the meantime while he works toward his degree!  I think he had his heart set on moving across county and being a police officer out west (he applies to places all the time) but I'm SO glad that didn't work out for him b/c I do not want to move AT ALL!!!  Though he had agreed that if we move across the country I get another baby, lol, but I don't know if that would even be worth it (plus he's always trying to back out on that agreement!).  He's going to continue working hourly at the club until the install is done and then he'd sign the papers for the full time position.  So I am hoping and praying everything goes just right!!!!  THIS WOULD BE A HUGELY BIG DEAL FOR OUR FAMILY!!!!

2.) We had a showing on our duplex and the people were very interested in making an offer!  Plus, they only want it as a rental so my mom would be allowed to continue staying there!  There is a MILLION more steps before anything actually happens, but I'd be the happiest girl in the world if we were able to get rid of that stupid duplex!!!!!  I hate that duplex more than anything!

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