Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference!

Venily had her end of the year parent teacher conference today!  The teacher said that she is incredibly bright and extremely verbal!  She says that when she talks to her, she feels like she's talking to a 4.5 year old (she'll be 3.5 years old next month)! :)  She was evaluated in a variety of different areas and scored above where she should be on almost everything again.  The only thing she got "at age level" was with some of her social interactions like "sharing".  The teacher said that she's very opinionated on what she wants to do!  (Like we didn't know that already, lol!).  Sometimes when she's playing with a group of friends she can be very insistent on what she wants to do/ what she wants to play with etc, and sometimes has a difficult time sharing.  If she sees Mrs. Vivian looking at her, she'll do it, but the teacher can tell she doesn't want to.  Another thing she brought up, which I thought was interesting is that she will sometimes not express fully the things that she knows.  (Which makes me even more anxious about her 4K screening results).  She can be really unsure of herself at some times.  I have noticed this myself.  Sometimes I KNOW that she knows something or how to do something, but she won't do it b/c she only wants to do it if she's 100% confident in herself.  She's really afraid to make mistakes.  I'm the same way!!  Jason says that she's a combination of over confident (from him) and insecure (from me) at the same time, haha!  The teacher said it might just be a phase or her unsureness might be just a part of her personality.

Surprisingly when we brought up her severe shyness the teacher said that she doesn't see that from her at all.  She isn't shy to the other preschool teacher or to the director, Mrs. Phyllis, but other than that she doesn't really interact with any other adults.  Actually, we saw Mrs. Phyllis at the library the other day and Venily was so excited and waved and said hi to her! :)

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