Monday, January 10, 2011

Pee Wee Soccer

I signed Venily up for Pee Wee Soccer (ages 3-4) and a Pee Wee Fantasy Baseball Camp (ages 3-6).  She had her first of 4 soccer classes today (1/8/11) and unfortunately, it did not go so well!  She was really excited to go, but as soon as we got there was super shy! :(  The teacher is a guy (which doesn't help matters) and there is another guy and a girl that help him.  Today was "buddy day" so I was allowed to help her out, but he made it clear that the parents were not allowed to help next week.  She went through all of the drills alright, learned how to kick properly, trap the ball, do a knee kick, chest bump, etc. but any time any of the teachers would come around or when we had to watch the teacher demonstrate the next skill, she'd cling to my side!  Her best friend Aubrey was there too (who is also really shy) but it only helped a little.  They played a game towards the end and Venily would NOT go out on the floor at all, she just sat and cried any time she was supposed to go out there.  Aubrey went out for about 10 seconds and then came and sat by Venily and cried too. :(  They were the only 2 there that wouldn't participate!

Haven, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of it, lol!  She kept saying "kick, kick!" and was practicing her kicks when she was supposed to and fought me super hard to get out on the floor and play during the games, lol.  Well, maybe I'll have ONE soccer star someday...

We do plan on going back next Saturday (Venily really wants to!) and hopefully Jason will be able to come with and help me out!  I promised Venily a million things if she'd participate so I'm hoping it works!!  Ice cream, candy, circle money to put in machines (lol), and even a new BIKE, so hopefully....!  (not sure how I feel about the bribing thing, but I just don't want to imagine her growing up as shy as I was!!!!)

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