Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Haven- 15.5 month mini-updates! :)

Counts to 9 now (though occasionally skips one)!!!!!!  The first time she did it I thought I was hallucinating, lol!!!  But she has done it several times now (though not always).  She used to just count to 3!

Also, getting better at her colors!!!!  She used to only know blue, but is starting to pick up green, yellow, red, pink, purple and orange!

Her blood work all came back good!  It's not something I was ever worried about before except, of course, while waiting for the results, lol!

Loves to climb (though that's nothing new!)!!  Gets up on the couch and up on Venily's bed all by herself! :(  Pulls around chairs and stands on them to turn the lights on and off!

Newest favorite things she says!

*"C'mon!"  Pulls mine or Jason's hands while saying it and leads us where she wants us to go!  :)

*"Baby- found you!!!" She was playing with her baby up on the couch and dropped her on accident over the back of the couch!  She yelled "BABY!!  BABY!!" like it was a real person, got down from the couch and ran as fast as she could around the back and got her.  Then, while looking right into the baby's face with a huge smile on her face she said "Baby- found you!!  Baby- found you!!"  It was the sweetest thing EVER! :)

*"Mommy, eat cookie!" Two morning in a row Haven woke up and came in by me in my bedroom and both times she was yelling "Mommy, EAT!  Mommy, EAT!" and then takes my face in her little hands and says "Mommy, eat COOKIE!".  LOL!  I hardly ever let her eat cookies and surely not for breakfast!  Hearing her little voice IS my favorite way to start my day though! :)

*"Golly!" (my go-to word when I'm frustrated, lol!  Apparently it is Haven's now too!) 

*** Though "Peace out, dude!" is still my favorite!  I make her say it every day and she'll say it now like when Daddy leaves instead of saying "bye, bye"!  LOL! 

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