Wednesday, January 5, 2011

15 month well-check! And toddler bed update!

 Showing off all 5 of her band-aids! :)
Haven  had her 15 month well check today! (1/4/11)

Her stats at 15 months:
WEIGHT: 24 pounds, 4ounces (70th %ile)

HEIGHT: 33.3 inches (99+ %ile)


She is doing great!!!  The doctor was very happy and impressed with everything she can do!  And even though Haven is a little shy to the doctor, she talked to her quite a bit!  She had to get FOUR shots today though! :(  She just whined for a few seconds though and was happy as could be again!  We brought her baby and her puppy with so she was good to go! :)  She also had to get her blood taken at the lab... Venily had never gotten hers taken b/c of moved around appointments and stuff and then the doctor forgot about it, so this was my first experience having a child get their blood taken (Venily is now going to have hers taken at her 4 year check since I brought it up to her dr).  It is EXACTLY like an adult getting it taken!  She had to sit in the chair (on my lap), put her arm on the little chair table thing and they put the rubber band thing around the top of her arm!  Luckily Haven takes after me and has practically translucent skin, making finding veins very easy! :)  She whined a little again and said "Mommy, mommy!" absolutely breaking my heart, but it wasn't too bad.  She also kept saying "Baby!  Puppy!" (even though she had them in her arms, lol.  And when she was all done, she pointed to the door, looked at  me and said "Mommy, GO!" (b/c she wanted to leave)  LOL, the 2 women with us thought it was very funny!  We will hear back in a few days to find out if she is anemic or not and what her lead level is!

Venily also got her eczema looked at while we there.  Venily weighed in at 32 pounds, 4 ounces.  The doctor put her on a new prescription: Fluticasone 2x a day until it *hopefully* clears up, as well as Chilren's Zyrtec each night before bed for a few weeks!  The prescription I guess is pretty strong!  Right now her legs look pretty bad and they've been bothering her and she has just started scratching them, which of course makes it so much worse!

On another note, Haven is 7/7 in sleeping great in her new toddler bed!!!!!   4 nights of sleep and 3 naps with ZERO problems!  She always goes right to sleep and doesn't get out of her bed until it's time to get up!  We have rearranged and reorganized the girls' room several times and have found a way we like.  It turns out that the bunk beds that Jason made for the girls wouldn't have worked out really well so Haven is going to stay in her toddler bed for a while (after having to disassemble and reassemble it), but we lofted Venily's bed and she is VERY excited about that.  However, Haven can climb right up into Venily's bed still, so hopefully we aren't going to have any problems with that!

AND!!!!!!  I went through ALL of the girls' toys today and got rid of about half of them and organized the rest AND took down our Xmas tree and decorations!!!!  I am so excited and feel so much better about everything!  There is still more work to be done, but today was a HuGE accomplishment!

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