Sunday, November 11, 2012

Venily's parent teacher conference- Kindergarten!

I had Venily's parent/ teacher conference at the end of October.  Remember when I was worried about Venily's teacher not being nice or a "good" teacher because someone told me that they didn't like her?!  Well, that couldn't be farther from the truth!  I absolutely love Mrs. Jacobs!  She is the most patient and nicest teacher ever.  And she is great about challenging and engaging the kids.  She has the perfect personality for a Kindergarten teacher (I do NOT, lol, and struggle with subbing Kindergarten!).

Mrs. Jacobs had nothing but positive things to tell me about Venily!  She scored way above grade level for her PALS reading tests and her teacher said that she's at the top of the class for all of the various subjects.  She said she never would have guessed that she was moved ahead a grade and was the youngest in the class!  Report cards come out next Friday so I'm interested to see what she scores there.  Venily also continues to be "everyone's friend" (something I was told a lot last year as well).  She is able to "handle" being grouped with students who most other kids can't stand to be around, lol.

I was very happy with this conference.  I love that Venily is doing so well at school, it makes things so much easier!  Mrs. Jacobs wants me challenging her more at home as well, so we will be doing that!  It's hard to keep up with that kid sometimes though! :)

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