Sunday, November 11, 2012

Election 2012!

WOO HOO!!!!  We are HUGE Obama/Democratic supporters in this household and it wouldn't be right not to mention how great this election season has been for us!  Both of the girls really got into it as well!

Venily was so proud to tell me that she voted for Barack Obama at her school the day before the election.  He won in her class and in her school, so she was pretty excited about that as well.  She had a weekly reader about the election and crossed off Romney on every picture and circled Obama for "who my mom votes for."  I was super proud!

I can VIVIDLY remember being in 3rd grade and voting in our class election.  I voted for Bill Clinton and was so excited that he won in our class and then in the actual election, so I know how she felt! :)

I stayed up late election night to get the official results, even though I was very assured by the 90+% chances he was being given for winning.  Needless to say, I felt tremendous amount of relief for his win!  Though I'm less enthusiastic about being in the same House predicament we are in.  Uhh! 

The next morning Venily was making herself breakfast (frozen pancakes that she was about to put in the microwave) when I told her the news!  She threw her pancakes up in the air, screamed, and came and hugged me!  I love it!!

I subbed the other Kindergarten class that day as well and it was so adorable to hear the kids talking about how excited they were!  Even a girl who I know for a fact has parents who are republicans, said she "voted" for Obama and was so happy that he won! :)

I am really hoping that now that the election is over both sides will start working together to get things done.

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