Sunday, November 11, 2012

Haven- preschool updates!

Haven has been going to preschool for about 2.5 months now and is doing AMAZING!!!  She started off the year crying almost every time I dropped her off.  She'd look at me sadly and tears would drip down from her eyes, it was heartbreaking!  One day I dropped her off and a girl said "Oh look, it's the girl that always cries!"  Her teacher took care of that student immediately, lol.

About a month into school we were told that Haven is "intellectually way ahead of the other kids in her class" but socially she was "behind."  She would only talk to the teacher and stayed glued to her side the whole time.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had a MAJOR turn around!  Mrs. Jackson tells me how great Haven is doing now every time I pick her up. She has friends and talks and plays with them. ♥  I am so proud of her and so glad that she was able to overcome her shyness!  We are on great track to have her tested early into 4 year old kindergarten next year! :)

Here she is at her best school friend's birthday party (Elinor just turned 5, lol).  It was a roller-skating costume party!  How cool is that?! :)


I must say that I am beyond happy with the Montessori program as well!  Haven has learned so much more at preschool than Venily ever did!  We love the school and love her teacher as well, it's been a great fit for Haven!

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