Sunday, November 11, 2012

A new, improved way to Christmas shop! ;)

I've had most of my Christmas "shopping" done since October and it is so hard to not give my girls their presents early, lol.  And they are getting lots of really nice stuff this year.  Not because we have more money, but because I've been winning them things online, haha!

The present I am most excited about giving them is their Leap pad 2's.  (one for each of them!)  I also used up all of my gift cards I won to buy them lots of accessories to go with them! A recharger pack, 2 carrying cases, 2 games, and 2 sets of headphones.  My fingers are crossed that these will be a hit!

I just totaled up all the stuff I have for them so far for Christmas and the retail value is $857.  I have only had to pay $10 so far.  Lol!

And I am so super excited that I won an AWESOME car seat yesterday for Haven.  It sells for $260 at Walmart!!  I'm not giving it to her for Christmas, just wanted to share my excitement! :)  I've never been able to afford a really nice carseat before and this one is great with awesome safety reviews!

I am still working on what I am getting everyone else for Christmas this year, but I feel a lot more on top of things this year than ever before! :)

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