Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween 2012!

We had so much this Halloween!  Neither of the kids decided on one single thing they wanted to be, lol, so they wore different costumes to every Halloween event we attended, lol!

Hay rides and pumpkin picking at the Bear Den Zoo (one of our favorite places to get pumpkins!)

Venily had her Halloween party at her class.  I came and volunteered for one of the stations (and was given the most difficult one to do, lol!).  We made spider webs at our station.  The kids all looked so cute!


We went to Venily's annual after-school Halloween party (where the whole school attends).  This is always so much fun!  There are costume judging for the various age levels (Jason won for adults last year, haha!).  And there are tons of games set up everywhere where you can win pieces of candy.  A "cake walk" which was hilarious and a lot of fun.  And tons of blow up bouncy houses and slides for the kids to play on!  We ended up going late since Venily and Haven had their final dance classes right before, so Jason and I didn't dress up this time, but the kids both had so much fun!

We went to Spooky City again this year where they have a little children's "parade" and then all of the businesses hand out candy.  Brrr, it was cold!

We had my cousin's son's birthday party to go to during our neighborhood's trick or treat, so we only did a couple of blocks after the party.

The girls drew their faces and Daddy carved their pumpkins!

Haven's is on the left the other 2 are both Venily's.

Haven made this ridiculously cute spider at preschool!

We went trick or treating on Halloween night (something I don't think I've ever done before, lol!) with Kaitlyn and Landen and had a lot of fun.  I was also happy that I was able to get the girls' winter coats under their costumes because it was very cold out!  Venily had a lot of fun.  Haven was getting tired and wanted me to carry her by the end, lol.

I'm kind of leaning towards a Halloween themed/costume birthday party for the girls next year since they both love dressing up so much, we'll see how they feel about it closer to the date, lol!

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