Sunday, November 11, 2012

Haven's EKG results

My world got rocked on Nov 1st.  I was subbing music and answered my cell phone.  It was Dr. Bauer with Haven's EKG results.  Unfortunately, they were not what I was hoping for.  The EKG showed some problems.  The results suggested arrhythmia and a possible enlargement of her left ventricle.  I had to make an appointment for her to be seen by a pediatric cardiologist at Children's.  The soonest they could get me in is November 28th.  It was so hard to hear this.  I cried at school on and off for the next 2 days.  Even now I can't type this out without crying.  I'm determined that it's nothing and that the nurses who took the EKG did something wrong (it took 5 of them about an hour to figure it out because they don't do many EKGs for kids).  So we will let the professionals at Children's (who are the best of the best) take all of their tests and give me the real results.  The waiting is killing me though!  I have heard so many stories over the last 2 weeks, however, of kids with heart issues who are just fine that it's making me feel a lot better!  I just can't imagine anything being wrong with one of my kids! :(

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