Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Day of Dance Class!

Last Thursday Haven had her very first dance class in the 3-5 year old ballet class and Venily had her first class in the 6-11 year old ballet/jazz class (we moved her up since she's taken the other class so many times, lol!).  They both did AMAZING!!!!

We were soooo rushed on Thursday (and will continue to be every Thurs).  I drop Haven off at her preschool at 12:30, go home and then go back to pick her up at 3:30.  Then we have to go straight home as fast as we can to get Haven dressed, make up some dinner the girls can eat in the car and then get in our car and wait for Ven to get off the bus at 4:05pm.  Then all the way to dance class which starts at 4:15 (which there is no way to make on time).  Venily watches while Haven dance until 5:00 then Venily dances and Haven watches until 6:15pm, lol!

I was so very proud of Haven!!!!  She's never done any kind of class before where I watched from the sidelines.  I was really nervous especially remembering Venily's first classes we took her to (they did not go well!).  BUT, Haven did amazing!!  She was a little shy at first, but she did say she wanted to be a red butterfly when they went around the room to start the class.  At first she wouldn't do any of the stretches until the teacher specifically said "Haven, point your feet and lean down."  Etc.

As the class went on, she became more and more confident.  She was having so much fun and had a giant smile plastered on her face.  I LOVED it!!!

Venily watching her sister's class! :)

She is a great little dancer for sure!  And she already knows all of the positions and terminology from watching Venily for so many years, lol!  She held her own too, for being the youngest one in the class! :) Here are some videos of her dancing it up! :)



Itsy Bitsy Spider


Venily did great in her class as well!  I am so happy that I moved her to the next class up. The little kids' class is so much more hectic and crazy, lol.  I think that Venily will really benefit from being the youngest one in this class. Her friend Addison also moved up so it was nice that she knew someone else in the class!

Here is a video of Venily on the "barre"

I'm so excited to watch them again next week!! :)

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  1. Shoot, I don't know why these videos look so goofy! :(