Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caterpillar Update! (because you were dying to know!!)

I don't know where I left off on my last update so here is where we are at now:

Out of 9 caterpillars that we've had this year:

*4 (Worm, Men, Women, and Crazy) turned into chrysalises and then into butterflies!  We let them go the day after they turned.  It was a surprisingly bloody process, but they were very beautiful as butterflies!

*2 (Rusty and Fainting) died.  R.I.P.

*1 (Call Me Maybe Pointy) is STILL in his cocoon!  I don't know what is going on with him he was in his cocoon before the 4 butterflies went into their crysalises.

*2 (French Toast and Garlic Bread) are still caterpillars (they will both me moths as well)!  I haven't seen French Toast in a while, but Garlic Bread has tripled in size since we got him!  And there are some weird white sacks in the cage with these two.  NO idea what they are as we found out that only moths and butterflies lay eggs!?

It's been fun having caterpillars and I've actually learned a ton I never knew before and the girls love them too! ;)

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