Saturday, September 15, 2012

First 2 Weeks of School Done!!

Venily and Haven have both been in school for 2 weeks already!

She was a little hesitant the first week.  She did well, but she didn't really want me to leave her.  Once I left though, she was good and always excited to tell me what she did when I picked her up!  Week 2 didn't start out so well since 2:00am Tuesday morning she woke up completely unable to breathe.  We had no idea what was wrong, so Jason rushed her to the e.r.  It turns out she had croup!  This is yet another new illness for us- neither of my girls have ever had it before! The next day she was perfectly fine, but I still kept her home for the day.  Thursday was sad.  She didn't care about leaving me anymore (I am totally tearing up now writing this, lol)!  She was excited for school, I brought her there and said goodbye, and she went off with her teacher without ever even turning around. :(   Later that day she told me:

Haven: "Mrs. Jackson is sooo cool... Mommy, Mrs. Jackson is so cool, isn't she?" 

Me: "Yes, she is. Do you like school?" 
Haven: "YES! Do I have school tomorrow?" 
Me: "No, not until Tuesday" 
Haven: "Aww, man!".

I'm so glad she's loving school!  She tells me about what friends she played with, what she had for snack, what she did that day, things she learned, etc. and it just makes me so happy to know she's enjoying it!  She's getting to be so grown up!

Venily loves Kindergarten as well!  She is very social and energetic (which is NOT how I was at school as a child).  It's interesting to see how different she is from me!  We seem to be having a bit of trouble with a boy.  He kissed her (on the lips!) twice the first week of school even though she told him not to.  He also keeps getting on the "red" behavior chart at school (which is the worst and means a note home to the parent).  Then yesterday Venily was drawing a picture on her chalkboard and drew her and Sebastian holding hands!!!  And she said "He's actually really nice to me now and isn't mean anymore!".  GREAT!  Jason and I told her to stay away from him, lol!

Venily is loving being able to eat breakfast and lunch at school.  She's been having cold lunch half the days and hot lunch half of the days.  This year she also goes to her "special" classes a lot more.  They have gym 3x a week, music, art, and computers 2x each a week, and library 1x a week.  I went to parent information night at her school and there was only about 4 parents at the kindergarten meeting.  I got to hear about some of the themes they are going to have this year as well as classroom practices, upcoming fieldtrips, testing, etc.  I'm really glad I went!  I like her teacher a lot more now and it sounds like there's a good possibility that she'll call me in when she needs a sub! :) I'm also signed up to help quite a bit in her classroom (if I can find someone to watch Haven).  I'm really excited, it sounds like she's going to have a lot of fun this year!

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