Monday, September 24, 2012

First day "back" to work (outside the home)!

I've been babysitting and drawing and being a full-time mom for the last 5 years, but today was the first day I have gone to a job outside the home without my children!  :(

I subbed for Kindergarten today!  WOW, I forgot how hard that is, lol!! (and, no, it wasn't Venily's class but I did get to hang out with her at recess when both Kindergartens were outside!) :)

I was told I was very pretty and a boy brought me "flowers" at recess (they were clovers, lol).  But I was also told "You don't know anything.  I'm way smarter than you!"  Thanks, kid.  I now have a much better future reference for kids in Venily's grade that she IS and is NOT allowed to hang out with!

Jason had his internship today 1st shift 6am-2pm, so I asked my grandparents (who I have NEVER left Haven with) to watch her.  I was up half the night worrying about it and almost threw up multiple times this morning (I wish I was kidding, lol), but she did good!  She struggled not to cry when I dropped her off.  And when my Grandma asked where Mommy was going and she said "to work" a few tears started to fall (from both of us!), but she stopped a couple of minutes after I left I'm told.  She said she had a lot of fun! :)  She drew, drank chocolate milk, went out in the camper, played with toys, watched t.v., etc. Not bad for a child who has hardly ever been watched by anyone else besides myself since day 1!  I feel bad that I'm kind of throwing so much at her at once- preschool, dance class, and now me going back to work part time!

I was called in to sub again tomorrow, but said I couldn't because Jason has class and Haven has school.  Then Jason said it was no big deal for him to miss that class, so I called back and the position had already been filled.  I felt good though that she said "Uhhh, I just got someone that I don't really want to sub here.  I would MUCH rather have you!" :)   Today I signed up for a bunch of other dates in October (including a time IN Venily's class!!!!)

We'll see how it goes.  I don't like the idea of it, but it will be nice to have a little more income, especially to cover Haven's preschool cost and the girls' extracurricular activities!  Speaking of which, Venily is signing up for Girl Scouts tomorrow night!  I'm really excited!!! :)

2 more days until Haven turns THREE!!!! :)  AHHHHHH!

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