Saturday, September 15, 2012


We have been camping twice in the last couple of weeks!  Both times we went to Kettle Morraine.  The first time we went to the Ottawa Lake Campground and the second time we went to the slightly more rustic Pinewoods Forest Campground (no electricity, more woods).  We had a fantastic time both times and the girls really loved it as well!


 Venily working on her badge!  And our gorgeous '76 R.V. in the background! ;)
 Loved playing at the parks!
 Family pic.  Jason dressed the girls, don't ask!
 Such a goofball!
 Mmmm... marshmallows!
 The girls slept in the top!  So much nicer than when Jason and I slept in the top while we "camped" in our driveway, lol.
 Havs Aravs in the morning!
 This pic makes me lol, she was posing for me!
The family!

 Ready for camping! :)
 Venily took my camera out in the woods!
 All of us (except Ven, she was taking the pic)
 Venily's pic of Landen
 Riding in the camper
 The kids love this hammock!
 Looking for red berries to finish her nature picture
 Setting up the tent for the Tombari family
 I LOVED that there was this huge trail right behind our campsite!  Here the girls are taking a hike by themselves!
 Daddy and Venily
 Good Morning, Haven! ;)
All the kids!

I must say, I LOVE our "new" camper.  Too bad Jason can't keep anything for more than a year! :(  He wants a small pop-up now. *gag*

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