Sunday, November 14, 2010

Xmas is going to be easy this year... :)

I have asked Venily several times what she wants for Christmas and she keeps telling me "nothing"!!  And then I'll say, but don't you want some cool new toys?  and she says "I already have lots of toys!" (and points around to all of her toys).  What 3 year old DOESN'T want new toys, loves shots, and loves medicine?!  Lol, something has to be wrong with her!

I did say maybe we could buy a new toy and give it to a child who doesn't have any toys.  She was SUPER excited about that, so that will be really fun to do!  She is unusually interested (for 3 years old) when I tell her how some people have no houses, no food, no tv's, etc.  She is always like "that is SOOOO sad!" and asks a million questions about it.  She picked out a book at the library about 2 little Afghanistan refugees who had to share a pair of sandals they found and it is currently one of her favorite books!


  1. Awww! She is going to be like the ambassador of a foreign country one day! There is a Toys For Tots bin at our bank, I have to remember to pick something up for it again this year.

  2. I know! I really do expect great things from her for the future!