Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Haven had a rough night last night!  We fought her fever all day yesterday and could hardly get it below 102 WITH Ibuprofen AND Tylenol.  We had her sleep between us last night and she was fitful all night.  Scary breathing and moaning and all!  One time I picked her up and she said "owwwww, owwwww" and gave me the biggest hug.  I wanted to cry. :(  We had alarms set for almost every hour and gave her tons of medicine (she doesn't wake up when we feed her medicine while she sleeps).  She was doing pretty well all morning today though and woke up from her afternoon nap a COMPLETELY different child!!  I'm so glad the antibiotics finally kicked in!

Venily went to the dentist this morning to get her molars sealed!  She did AMAZING!!!!!!!  She kept telling me she didn't want to go so I was prepared for a disaster when we got there, but she was an angel!  The dentist and assistant were both females and super good with her! :)  The dentist said that she was the youngest patient she had ever had and that she had been so nervous all morning when she saw her age, but she couldn't believe how good she was!  YAY, VENILY!!!

After her appointment we had her preschool's "Family Thanksgiving Feast" where we got to eat a Thanksgiving lunch with her preschool class and their families!  So cute!!!  The kids made cute little turkey centerpieces and Venily was excited that she got to eat some the pumpkin bread that they made in class last week! :)

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