Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haven updates- 13.5m

Haven is a talking machine!!  She is getting lots more 2 word phrases and sentences lately and even an occasional 3- word one and is still learning 2-5 new words each day!

Some of her two-word (3 word) phrases: "more bagel... PLEASE!!!" (she ♥ bagels), "bagel break" (when she breaks it in half and wants it put back together, lol), "baby eat" (while she feeds her baby), "baby on" (while bringing me her baby and an article of clothing to put on her baby), "shoes on" (when she wants her shoes on (also "socks on" or OFF), "love you" (which she has temporarily stopped saying :(  ), and any other combo of "more, please, and an item she wants (like milk, cracker, etc)", "no touch" (b/c she hears that one often!), mix it (while pretending to mix her play food), "stop it" (which she also hears, though mostly to her sister, lol), "nice bug" (while trying to pet a lady bug) and she continues to say "thank you" whenever you give her something, and "all done/ all gone"!  Oh, she also says "hereyago" when she gives me things- it took me a while to figure out what the heck she was saying, haha!

She also told me her first re-enactment of events the other day.  Venily was playing and bumped her head on something and Haven watched really concerned... a few minutes later Haven went over to the spot and said to me "bang head, bang head" (while hitting herself in the head) and then she said "owwwww...... bang head!", telling me that Venily banged her head! :)

She is also learning how to say people's names really well!  She loves looking at pictures of her family and saying who they are!

And some of my newest ♥ FAVORITE ♥ words of the moment (since it's always changing)...
* puppy (she will say dog OR puppy now)
* pickle (usually pronounced "ickle")
* broccoli (she has a piece of pretend broccoli that she really likes, lol)

I make her repeat words that I love over and over again b/c they are so darn cute!!!  And she knows that it makes me super happy!! :)

She learned two new body parts (or at least let me know that she already knew them).  If you ask her where her lips and nails are, she will gladly show you!  She also LOVES getting her nails cut now.  I was cutting Venily's nails and almost couldn't b/c Haven wouldn't stop sticking her nails in there, trying to get me to cut HERS instead! :)

She is sleeping so well lately again.  Goes to bed around 7:00/ 7:30pm and doesn't wake up until around 7:00am now!!  And the last 2 days she's taken an awesome 2hr+ nap for me during the day!

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