Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference!

I had Venily's preschool parent-teacher conference today!  I don't know why, but I had so much anxiety about it and was disappointed it had to be during the day so Jason couldn't come with (he really wanted to come).  I have never been on the "parent" side of parent-teacher conferences before!  Her teacher had a little evaluation sheet on Venily as well as a few pieces of work that she's done.  She told me how Venily is way beyond her age-level in almost everything!  She had a picture of a drawing that Venily did of herself (which was AMAZING by the way, lol) and said that she is able to draw way beyond what she "should" be drawing at this point.  She was really impressed by her vocabulary and how much she knows (colors, shapes, letters, counting, etc) and is going to specifically work with Venily now on writing her name!!  She says that she's definitely ready to start working on writing letters!  She also said that she is really sweet and is talking in class more and more (something that I am MOST proud of!)!! :)  She participates in class and really enjoys playing with her friends and playing pretend!  And loves talking about her family!

However, she has two areas that she is "at age-level" which includes being able to express her emotions with words (she gets emotional a lot just like her Mommy, haha, her little eyes well-up with tears) and sharing (her teacher said that sometimes if one of her friends wants something she will take it from another child and give it to her friend).  So those are areas that we are going to work on even harder.  Everything her teacher said was spot-on with how she is at home, so I knew just what she was talking about.  It's good to know that she doesn't act too differently.  Oh, also she can cut with scissors but needs to work on cutting straight lines.

She also told me once again that she often forgets that Venily just turned 3 b/c she seems so much older and is so tall!  It was a good conference and I really like knowing a little more about what goes on when I'm not around.  If they had a camera that I could watch, I'd probably spend the whole 3 hours each day watching what she does, lol.  It's so weird being a parent and not knowing!  I can't imagine what it would be like not seeing her for a whole school day!!!!  At her preschool, I get monthly overview calendars, weekly reports of activities they do, and there is more in-depth weekly lesson plans up on her door, but it's just not the same as actually WATCHING what's going on and how Venily does!

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