Thursday, November 4, 2010

Transitioned to one nap!

Haven officially transitioned to one nap a day!!  :(  Much too early in my opinion, but she is a lot happier with the change!  She used to take a morning nap around 9 or 10am, but we are usually out and about at that time, so it was getting hard to make sure she was home and able to take her nap anyway (and then she started MAJORLY fighting it when I was able to put her down) and then she'd take a 2nd nap around 2pm.  Now she is taking one nap around 12:30pm (or shortly after lunch) and falling right to sleep the second I put her down.  I've been keeping her up later at night as well to help her adjust to the time change this weekend too!  The last 2 nights she's made it past 8pm with no problems, so that's great- hopefully it will all go smoothly this Sunday!

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