Monday, November 22, 2010

Haven's First ER Trip!


Well, 2nd if you count the time I had to go with her when I was almost 11 weeks pregnant with her!  Oh my gosh, I remember seeing her on the screen for the first time, it was so wonderful....

She has had a low grade fever for several days now.  Actually, she'd have a fever for a day, then be completely fine for a day and I'd think "oh great, she's not sick any more" and then the next day she'd have a fever again.  She's also had a cough and runny nose on and off.  Yesterday her fever got up to 103.4 though (when the highest before that had only been 102), so I knew something had to be wrong.  I gave her Ibuprofen and put her to bed.  5 hours later she woke up and was SUPER hot, so I checked her temp again and it was 104.2 (and this was when the Ibuprofen should have still been working)!  This was the highest temp I've ever seen in either of my girls or even myself.  We called the 24 hour nurse line and they told us to give her Tylenol (since she still had an hour before she could have more Ibuprofen) and bring her into the ER.  ***FYI- If you had to make a bet on who could handle a child "mini-emergency" between Jason and myself, you'd be smart to bet on ME!!!!  My gosh, Jason goes crazy when he think something is wrong with one of the kids!  He can't think rationally whatsoever!  Anyway...***

Luckily my sister was just right down the road and was able to come and stay at the house while Venily slept (it was 11:30pm).  Haven was super happy and laughed the whole way we drove to the hospital even though she was really tired and kind of out of it! :)  She wasn't a fan of any nurse or doctor touching her at all, but I had brought her baby, puppy, blanket, graham crackers, and water with so she was, overall, a very happy girl (especially considering it was the middle of the night and she was sick).  The doctor was soooo nice (I ♥ nice doctors!) and said she had a double ear infection.  He also wanted to get an x-ray of her chest just to make sure she didn't have pneumonia.

If you have never seen a child get a chest xray, it is QUITE the process!!  Only one parent could go in with her (and of course I outrank Jason, lol) and she leads me up to a device that looks like it's used for child torture!  No joking, it looked medieval or something!  It was like a weird wooden children's saucer that encases the child in a clear plastic tube!  She had to stick her legs in, put her arms up, and then her whole body was crammed into the tube as it latched around her.  She actually did really well, some crying of course, but not too bad!  Her xrays checked out good though, so 10 days of Amoxcillian were all she needed... plus a steady supply of alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen!

We didn't get home until 2am and Haven slept in until almost 10am (though Jason and I would sneak in there and give her medicine while she slept, lol- she never woke up!)!!  I got her prescription today and also a supply of Probiotics to take so HOPEFULLY she won't get any diarrhea or diaper rash with the antibiotics!

It is sad when I can tell she isn't feeling well.  She will say "owww, owww" and come over to me and say "Up, PLEASE! UP... PLEASE!!!!" or run over to where her medicine is and say "MED!" and point! :(  Silly girl, she sure loves medicine!

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