Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Venily 4 1/2 Update!!

Sorry I posted this so late!  It's been done for months, I just needed to add pics, lol!

Venily is completely psyched to be 4 1/2 years old!!!

Here are some of Venily's stats:
Height: about 43 inches
Weight: about 36 pounds
Clothing sizes:
Shirt and dress size: 5 or 6
Pants size: 5 or 6 slim (or must include adjustable waist)
Pajamas: 5 or 6
Underwear: 4T
Shoe size: 11/12
Venily is still my little firecracker.  I love her to death, but that kid wears me out like nothing else! She is nonstop on the go- talking, jumping, dancing, yelling, and pushing boundaries like it's her job (which I guess it kind of is!). She has an incredible sense of what is fair and what is not and does not like to be treated (or have other people treated) unfairly.  She is BOSSY and opinionated (just like her father).  She has made vast improvements on how to get out of an attitude downward spiral.  Before if she threw a tantrum, that was it, you might as well call it a day because you couldn't get her back after that.  Now, she can pull herself out of it after a while.  She can see when she has overreacted to a situation and she'll apologize and mean it afterwards. (Yay!)
Venily has definitely got her very own, VERY unique sense of style.  Oh my gosh, I can't even count the number of times I've had to say "She picks out her own clothes." or the number of times I've apologized to her teachers for Venily's "interesting" outfit choices.  They just laugh at me, lol.  I pick out her clothes most mornings, give them to her and tell her to put them on, and turn around and she is wearing something completely different!  She HATES jeans and LOVES skirts and dresses!  She also loves to change outfits like 100 times throughout the day!

She continues to do absolutely amazing in school.  Her teachers tell me on a weekly basis how kind Venily is, how smart she is, how well she is able to be "everyone's" friend and her teacher is always saying "You'd NEVER guess that she was the youngest one in the class!  You'd just never guess!" :)  I think Venily's best friend in school would have to be Hailey.  She also lives 3 houses down from us, so the girls go to each other's houses and play outside together all the time.

Here is a video of Venily singing at one of her 4K Family fun days!  (The last song is my favorite, lol!)  The girl to her left is Haley.  And the boy on her right is the one I think I want her to marry eventually! :)

Venily kissed a boy on the LIPS on the school bus about a week ago!!  He said he'd give her a starburst if she did it and she did!  I was not happy about this at all.  The boy is not someone I even want her hanging around, much less kissing and he is at least a grade older than her!  I never would have guessed I'd have to worry about something like this this early!

She continues to do really great at reading, even though I haven't worked with her on it in quite a while!  She was on Stage 3 BOB books and working on long vowels, consonant blends, etc.  I really should do more with her at home with it because she doesn't get to read at all in school and loves to read, but it's finding the time for it that I struggle with!  I'd like to do some summer reading things with Ven as well!

Venily favorites!

Color-  After being a "one color only" girl for so long, it's weird, but she doesn't really have a favorite color at this time!  She still likes pinks, purples, and blues but she is not obsessed with any one color!
Songs- (same as Haven) anything by LMAFO, "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz, and anything by Adele are some of her absolute favorites.  She also loves Rihanna, Hot Chel Ray, the Wanted, and any "pretty" song.  She has become too cool for nursery rhymes and "kid" songs though, lol!
Things to play with- forts, lots of pretend play- pretending to go camping, pretending to be at school, babies, dress up, etc
Foods- She loves typical kid-favorite foods like macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, oatmeal, etc.  But she also LOVES mushroom pizza and Spinach and things like that!

In addition to continuing to learn how to read, Venily is continuing to improve on riding her bike without training wheels!!!  We took them off last summer when she was 3 and she could ride short, straight distances pretty well.  Since warmer weather has started back up, she's been riding more and improving a lot!  She can now go pretty far riding by herself and is able to turn around and stuff too.  I'm hoping she'll have it down really well by the end of summer!

Venily also learned how to tie her shoes!!!!  Jason literally showed her one time and it just clicked and she's been doing it ever since!  She ties bows on everything now and even ties the shoes for all the other kids in her class, lol!

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