Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer School for Venily!

Yes, I am still ridiculously behind on my blog posts!

This summer, Venily went to summer school for 6 weeks!  She had a great time!  She got to ride the bus to and from school.  She loved it and I'm really glad I sent her!  She also had the same teacher, Mrs. Jacobs, that she'll be having next year for kindergarten, so that's great!  On the last day of school, all of the summer school classes went on a field trip to the movie theater and got to pick between Ice Age or Brave.  Venily picked Brave but said that it was pretty scary at the end.  My poor sheltered little child, lol!  

She also got a mostly positive report from her teacher at the end of the 6 weeks.  However, it seems that Venily needs to be reminded often to keep her hands to herself and has trouble paying attention when she's by her friends, so we are really working on that! 

We are very excited for kindergarten in just a little over a month from now!  We have registration and school pictures tomorrow!!!  We also have a HUGE school supply list that we are working on getting everything from.  I think it's a little ridiculous that each child needs to bring 8 boxes of crayons, 10 gluesticks, plus a million other things, but what do I know... lol!

Here are some picks of her before getting on the bus the first day of summer school... :)

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