Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4K Graduation!

I'm still in shock that Venily graduated from 4K!!!  I must say that Wheatland's 4K program is great!  I really loved her teachers and she really enjoyed going to school every day!  Her graduation was adorable.  The kids had all made tie-dyed shirts at school and wore them for the graduation.  They did a bunch of cute songs up on the stage, got to receive their diplomas wearing little hats and had cake and juice afterwards.  I was able to hold it together (thankfully!), but almost lost it a few times, lol.  The worst was when Mrs. Graham was talking about how wonderful her classes were and almost started crying!  I am excited though that Haven will get to have her and Ms. Jill not next year, but the year after!  Here are some pics and videos from her graduation! :)

I can't believe that she'll be going to KINDERGARTEN next year!!!!!!

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