Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th of July!

The 4th of July is one of my top 3 favorite holidays!!  We kicked off our 4th of July with our annual Lily Lake parade! :)  Jason and I usually put a lot of time and effort into what the girls are/wear each year, but kind of forgot about it this year, lol.  So, we threw some things together the night before...

Venily was Amelia Earhart (Jason made her jeep into a plane- with working propeller in the front).  She won 1st place for her category and $15! :)

She had a scarf too, but it was 90 degrees, so that didn't get worn!

Haven was an American cheerleader!  She won 2nd place for her category and $10!

Not bad for just throwing things together last minute! :)  And they had a great time too!  Cousins Chase and Dawson were here too!

We saw fireworks one night and took the rv out on it's first trip to go see them, lol!  The girls were not that impressed with the fireworks seeing as they usually go to bed at 8pm, so they weren't in the best moods, but I think it was still a good experience for them!

We also went to the Union Grove parade, which is always fun!

And my Uncle's Party that he has every year.  Which was also my last day of seeing my sister before she left for Colorado! :(  She is gone on her 2nd Americorps project and will be gone for another 10 months.  I am really sad about this!  I'm hoping that I'll be able to visit her some time while she's gone, but Jason and Colorado are not a good combo (he becomes obsessed!)!

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