Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 things for Saturday!

(Since I can't seem to make it on Friday, lol!)

1.)  I never did Venily's post.  It is still there, I just need to finish it!  My motivation level has been super low this whole week- lack of sleep, too much going on, and winter depression will do that to me!

2.)  The admiral's game was fun last weekend!  The girls had a great time and Haven and I even caught a Tshirt!

3.) Online garage-sailing is addicting!  I just started this week and have already sold $45 worth of Haven's old clothes and crib set.  And spent $20 on super cute clothes for Haven, lol! :)

Random funny conversation with Haven while picking up clothes at someone else's house:

Haven:  (after pulling in the driveway) "What are we doing at this house?"
Me:  "We're going to get some new clothes for you!"
Haven:  (super concerned look on her face)  "Do I get to keep the clothes I'm wearing right now?"

LOL!!!!!!  Oh, she cracks me up.  Then, the woman was late, so I brought Haven back into the car and Haven says:  "So I don't get any new jammies?!" ♥  It's no wonder why I love that child so darn much!!!!

4.)  Venily had "veggie dogs" for snack on Friday at her school.  I was like "Are you sure they were veggie dogs?  Did you have special ones for just you or did everyone have the same thing?".  She was like "Of course they were veggie dogs, we don't eat real meat.  Everyone had veggie dogs!".    Hmmmmm...... pretty sure they were real hot dogs.  Which would be her first time ever eating meat.  I'm going to have to have a talk with her teacher on Monday!!

5.)  Haven- my sweet, does nothing wrong, innocent, angel of a child has been BITING this week!  I think she finally just got sick of Venily being mean to her and figured biting would work!  She bit Venily 2 different times and then bit Kylee once.  That was the last straw on the biting.  She got in HUGE trouble and after that last time, I put her in her bedroom for a timeout and bit her arm to show her that biting hurts.  Probably not in line with what most child psychologists would suggest, lol, but I was just so fed up with it and she hasn't bit again since then!  Hopefully that very short-lived phase is over with!

6.  I have 3 drawings I currently need to work on so I best get to them.... :)

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