Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Venily Parent/Teacher Conference (#2)

If I ever had any doubts on my decision to skip Venily ahead a year (which I didn't), I most certainly wouldn't after listening to her teacher talk about her!

She is doing FANTASTIC in school!  Her teacher had nothing but very positive things to say about Venily.  She remarked several times that Venily is way ahead of all the other children in the class and that she is having to go out of her way to find her materials so that she won't be bored.  (And Venily is the youngest one in the whole class!).  She compared her to a student she had 3 years ago that was equally as far ahead.  Her teacher said that if she asks a question and the other children all keep getting it wrong or are just throwing out random answers, she knows that she can call on Venily and she always has the right answer, lol.  Now I don't care how smart my kids are, I would love them just as much, but it does make me insanely proud to hear other people say how great they are! :)

While the other children are learning to write their first names on their papers, Venily is now going to be writing her first and last name.  And once she gets that really well, she is going to be writing her first, middle, and last.  And once she gets that, lol, her teacher is going to have her write her full name AND her phone number on all of her papers, HAHA! :)

She also told me again how sweet Venily is.  She listens really well and is "friends with everyone".  :)  Other children come up to Venily all the time to "help" them with things too! ♥

And I signed Venily up for 5K next year!!!  I can't believe that she'll be going full day next year.  I had originally thought that she would have to do another screening to go, but it turns out she won't!  Since she was in 4K this year, her teacher will just write a recommendation for her to go to 5K and include some of her work, so that is great!!

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