Saturday, January 14, 2012

5 things for Friday!

I know it is Saturday night! To be fair though, I had most of this done yesterday!

1.) My still-baking new nephew has a name!  Dawson Julius Reyer ♥  I can't wait to meet him!

2.) We are going to an Admiral's Hockey game on Sunday with both the girls to celbrate Jason's birthday (29- YIKES!!).  I think it's the first one for Haven and maybe the 2nd for Venily (I can't remember, lol, which means she doesn't remember either!).  So a new experience for both of them!

3.) It finally snowed!  In Wisconsin, in the middle of January!  The girls had a blast, but didn't like getting their hands cold so we will need to get new mittens. (update- got new mittens, yay!)  Haven ate at least 20 lbs of snow, lol!

4.) The topic of fostering a child has come up this week (from Jason nonetheless!).  We are looking into it.  Not something that will happen super soon, but we are thinking about the possibility of doing it in the not-too-distant future.  We are thinking about fostering a boy age 5-8.  I'm kind of excited about it.  However, this would mean that we'd need to convert our loft (and current playroom) into a bedroom.  We shall see...

5.) I feel like I am falling behind in everything.  Too many things to do in too short of time.  Not that that's anything new, but I am definitely feeling some major anxiety about it!!

***On that note, Venily's 4 1/4 update (which was due yesterday) will hopefully be completed by tomorrow! 

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