Friday, January 27, 2012

2nd Quarter Report Card for Venily! (+ 5 for Friday)

Venily got all 35 S's!!!  (S= secure and is the highest grade she can get)

She improved in 3 different areas and was tested in an additional few as well! ♥

Oh, and I guess I should combine my 5 things for Friday, that can be #1! ;)

2.) Jason has started his new semester of college.  He has 5 classes this semester including speech, interpersonal communications (another speech class), and Spanish for the law enforcer.  It is going to be one of his most difficult semesters so far.  Lucky for him, I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and 2 semesters in college so I am able to help him with that! :)

3.) Venily is going to her 2nd birthday party for a child in her class this weekend.  Both have been boys- I HATE trying to figure out what to get for boys, lol!!!  (and I have 4 nephews as well!!)

4.) Poor Haven!  More and more of her 3T stuff is getting too small on her!!  Her 3T shirts are all too short on the sleeves and she needs a 4T in legging as well or they are too short.  She even has some 5T pajamas that are practically too small, LOL!  Come to think of it, I need to go through Venily's clothes as well.  4's are way too small on her too (and she still has a few 4's in with her others), time to give them all (the rest I mean, haha) to Haven!  At the same time though, when either of the girls DO have pants that fit in length, they are falling off their wastes!!

5.) I need a break from these kids!  Seriously, like a few hours or something, they are driving me crazy!  I'm pretty sure Venily is hyperactive.  She must bottle it up at school, b/c they never say anything about it, but she has the energy of like 15 kids her age.  It is exhausting!  (and I am 2 weeks late on her updates!......)

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