Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 Resolution Review!

RESOLUTIONS FOR 2012 end of Jan update!
 (and things I want to accomplish in 2012)

New additions/updates for January highlighted in yellow!!
Resolutions that are completely done highlighted in purple!!

1. Read 75 books {5.5/75 completed}

(need 6.25 to be on track so I'm a little behind!)

*January- 5 books read

2. Donate Blood 3 times this year {0/3 completed} 
Not eligible to donate again until Feb 21, 2012

3. See a movie all by myself {0/1 completed}
 Something I've always wanted to do, but the thought of it fills me with anxiety.

 4. Attend at least 1 meeting of an adult book club! {1/1 completed}
-DID IT!!!!  It went well.  I made my sister go with me and we were most DEFINITELY the youngest ones there by like half, lol!  We might go to another one as well now.  One of the women who I thought was kind of one of the younger in the bunch said her dad was 88!!!  LOL!!!!  I convinced my sister to go with me and they kept looking over at us when they'd talk about "high school kids" so I think they thought we were even younger than we are, haha.  I didn't speak a ton, but did say a few words here and there, which was more than I thought I would, lol! :)

5. Draw 25 pictures {3/25 completed}

January- 3 pictures completed

I have a bunch more that I need to do as well!! :)

6.  Visit 3 new state parks I've never been to before {0/3 completed}

7.  Complete at least 1 portrait painting {0/1 completed}

8.  Complete 10 crafts from pinterest (for/with children or for/by myself) {2/10 completed}

*(1) Cut up pipe cleaners in a bottle and move them around with magnets!
*(2) Butterfly snack bags (brought them into Venily's class and the teacher said the kids LOVED them!! :))

9.  Finish the girls' baby books!  {0/2 completed}
 For real!!!  I'm embarrassed to even write that!

10.  Have at least 3 pieces of my artwork submitted to the fair {0/3 completed}

Need to get to work reading over the rules!

11.  Workout 25 times. {0/25 completed}
 - Because that seems like a tangible goal and I'm uncertain about how much I care about being in shape.  It changes daily.  I think I would like to lose 3.5 pounds, just b/c of the scale.  I would like being in great shape, but I am in decent shape anyway so do I actually want to have to work at it?  Not sure! 25 times is a start!

12.  Make my wedding scrapbook.  {0/1 completed}

5.5 years later, I still have all of the stuff to do it, but have just never done it!

13.  Walk around the lake 15 times. (2.5 miles each time) {2/15 completed}
January- 2 times

14.  Try 10 new recipes! {0/10 completed}
 - Super excited about this one!  We are so bored of the things we eat.  Being vegetarians (and now Jason doesn't eat soy) limits our options tremendously!  I'm excited to try new recipes b/c I hardly ever do!

15.  Go through and organize at least 5 boxes {0/5 completed}
 - I've gone through like 3 boxes, but I still have things in them that I'm trying to sell.  Once it is completely gone, I will "count" the boxes, haha.  I did make $75 in the last week selling some of the girls' old clothes and crib set!  It's a start! :)

And a list of random things I want to do as well (to be crossed off as done)...

16. Go horseback riding (it's been YEARS)

17. Get a professional massage (have never had one)

18. Go paddle boating (b/c I say it EVERY summer and the girls are big enough not to jump off now... hopefully, lol)

19. Go one week with no computer. (Just b/c...)

20. Take the girls to visit my dad at the cemetery. (we pass by it all the time, but I have only gone once in the last 20 years, right before I got pregnant with Venily)

21.  Paint the hallway (3 years in our house and it is still unpainted drywall w/ texture stuff on it- gross!)

22. Repaint our living room! (I cringe every time I see the huge white patches on our walls!!!)

23. Take some kind of an art class

24. Design a tattoo in honor of my girls (NOTE- I did not say GET a tattoo, lol!  That would go against my "donate blood" resolution.  And if I were to get a tattoo, it would take some serious thought! but maybe someday...)

25. Buy a lottery ticket (B/C you can't win if you never play...)

26. Create an Etsy shop.

27. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy

28. Bring the girls to the Shedd Aquarium

29.  Get dressed up and go on a date with my husband.

30. Find 3 different kinds of drinks I can actually drink 1/3 completed

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