Thursday, December 9, 2010

14.5 months

Yep, totally didn't even have a "14 month" update! :(  Oh well, nothing has really changed!  She continues to learn tons of new words and is stringing together more and more words to form sentences.  The most impressive sentence that she's made so far was after she came up to me shaking her cup and said "milk all-gone, more please!" and pointed at the refrigerator!

Some of my newest "favorite words" now include:

*"step stool"
*"here ya go" (while handing me things)
*"milk cup"
*"chugga- choo-choo" (said over and over and over again anytime she sees or hears about a train, haha!)
*"MOMMY!!" (even when it's whiny, it's STILL the best!)
*"tickle-tickle" (I get sneak attacks ALL day long where the only warning I get is her little hands in front of me and her little voice saying "tickle, tickle".  She LOVES being tickled!)
*"hug" (I also get about a gazillion hugs all day long!  My favorite is when she goes up to Venily for no reason and says "HUG!" and wraps her arms around her! :)  )
*"make-up" (sooooo girly, she is!  LOVES Mommy and Venily's make-up!  And loves to find things that she pretends are make-up and puts them on us and herself, like when she uses the paintbrush and brushes her cheeks!)
*"snowman" (pronounced 'noman') :)
*"snuggle-snuggle"(SUCH a snuggler!!!)

And some of my least favorite words:

*"hit" or "naughty" (both while hitting... one of the few downsides to having an older sister!)

Oh, her hair is growing in quite nicely now!  She has a lovely "rat-tail" (as Jason calls it) in the back, lol, and the sides are getting long too!  I will have measurements for her 15m update (since that's a quarter of a year update)!

We are also working on forward rolls!  She's doing pretty good!! :)

She is doing well with walking up and down the stairs too while holding onto the rails and not crawling or sliding down on her butt!

We are still at 12 teeth and perfectly happy with that, lol!  I check every so often on her cuspids, but none are coming yet!

We played in the snow the other day and Haven wasn't a huge fan!  She is so much like me it scares me sometimes, lol.

And some random videos!

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