Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I realized that I haven't been updating on here as often as I'd like, so I'm going to try to start doing better!  Last week Venily learned how to zipper her coat all by herself!  I was busy getting Haven ready and Venily kept asking me to help her zipper her coat and I kept saying "Wait a minute hunny, I have to help your sister first".  So, she just did it herself and was like "Look Mommy, I zippered it all by myself!"!  Yay, Venily!  She has been so excited that she told her teacher all about it yesterday and told the librarian, Mrs. Joy, about it today after storytime and even made Mrs. Joy watch as she zipped her coat up by herself!  :)

I love that she's becoming more and more independent.  She can get all her own things on herself, gets in her seat herself and buckles herself up too!  I guess as some things get harder (like her attitude), some things get a lot easier too!

And a Random Venily Conversation that happened today while driving:
"Mrs.  Vivian and Mrs. Joy have the same word in their name (Mrs.)!  Isn't that awesomely amazing, Mommy?"  :)

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