Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Silly girl

Venily cracks me up all the time with silly things she says.

I told Venily that I needed to bring Haven into the doctor and she says "Oh, because she has an ear convitioning?"  (ear infection mixed with air conditioning, lol)

She got some Air Heads candy from Santa and EVERY time she talks about them she calls them "Fruit Pop Heads" or "Popsicle Heads".  She never remembers the right name for them, I laugh every time!

She was playing and pretending she was going to school and said she needed to bring something for "Show and Hotel" (show and tell).  HAHA! 

Jason taught her to say "Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top" when she wants something, lol.  Cuteness is definitely a good skill to have!  And the other day we were watching Wheel of Fortune and the answer to a puzzle was "pretty please with sugar on top".  She thought that was so great so now when she says it she always says "Pretty, pretty please with salt on top".  :)

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