Monday, December 27, 2010

15 months!

QUARTERLY UPDATE!!!!  Haven is officially 
1 1/4 years old!  :)
and I'm only a day late for this update!

SIZES- Have to wait until her doctor appt next week for her height and weight but she is currently in the following sizes:

Clothes- some 18m, but more and more 24m.  Her 18m pants especially are usually too short and her belly shows out the bottom of some of her shirts, so I've been putting her in some 24m and 2T things as well.  I desperately need to go through her 24m and 2T clothes!

Shoes- Some of her 5's fit her, but most are too small so I have taken out all of her size 6's now too!

Diapers- size 4, hopefully we will be done with diapers in a few months! :)

Hair length- (still need to measure, will try to remember to do it tomorrow)

* also, people keep telling me that her hair is getting darker, but is definitely still red!

# of teeth- still 12, though it shouldn't be too long before we see a few more!

speech- several hundred words and doing lots of combining words to make sentences!

random bits of info:
*knows almost every animal sound imaginable and all of her body parts!
*can do forward rolls
*walks up and down the stairs while holding onto the railing
*I forward-faced her carseat today.  I didn't want to, but Jason had taken all the car seats out and I had to put them back in and I didn't know how to do it rear-facing.  We will probably end up keeping it forward-facing, but I felt a lot safer with her rear-facing and I thought about it the entire time I was driving! :(
*eats with a fork and spoon a majority of the time now.  She can eat an entire container of yogurt or bowl of cereal without ever using her hands!  (usually she'll start using her hands when there is only a tiny bit left though so that she can get every last bite, lol)

SLEEP- She has to have both a baby and a puppy in order to sleep!  As soon as I lay her down in her crib she searches for them with her hands and whatever I hand her first, she asks for the other immediately, even when it is pitch black in her room, lol, and when she has them both (one in each arm), she snuggles them up and falls asleep! :)

Right now she is going to bed around 7:30- 8:00pm and sleeping until around 6:45am ish.  And she takes one nap around 11:30am for about 2 hours.  If I try to keep her up for lunch, she usually falls asleep during lunch!  Soooo funny, especially since Venily went through the exact same stage when she was that old!

Santa brought her a toddler bed rail so we are going to see how she does with a toddler bed soon (like sometime within the next week or so)!  If she doesn't like it, we will change it back, but if she does I will be happy!  My motto is the sooner you do things the better, because the longer you wait the harder it is!  Plus it will be nice that as soon as she wakes up, she can come get us and not have to wait for us to get her out of bed!  (Venily was in a toddler bed at 14m).

WORDS I DISLIKE:  "cookie", "t.v. show", "candy" (all while pointing to what it is she's saying.... Venily didn't know the meaning of any of these words at this age!!!! :(  She also knows and will say the names of the following tv characters:  Dora, Boots, Backpack, Troll, Isa, Diego, Buddy.  Venily didn't know any except Dora b/c she had some Dora books and Dora toys!  I am sort of sad that I'm not as strict about the "no tv before age 2" thing as I was with Venily, but if Venily is watching something it's hard to not let Haven watch some as well)

I gave Haven a cookie the other day because she kept pointing at them saying "COOKIE!!  COOKIE!" (and it's soooo cute and she HAD eaten all of her dinner) so I broke her off a little piece of one and gave it to her.  She got an angry look on her face and she said "BIG!"  Oh, boy!


"Santa"  (Obsessed with Santa, haha, as long as she doesn't have to sit on his lap!)

"angel"  (LOVES angels too!)

"jammies"  (LOVES, LOVES, LOVES jammies!  I always tell her to go get her jammies and she goes into her room, opens up the right drawer and brings me her jammies!  She got lots of jammies for Xmas and was so excited every time she'd open one up and would shout "JAMMIES!"  haha)

"Good try!"  (Lol, she always wants to sit on her potty (she hasn't been actually going lately) and she will grunt or say "pssssss" and then say "good try"!) :)  She says it when she tries to do forward rolls too!

"Good trick!" (when she falls or bumps her head or something since we always say that to her)

"green beams" (what she calls green beans, lol)

"sweet dreams!" and "good night" (which sounds more like one word)  (Uhhh, she is just so precious!!!!!)

"hokey pokey"  (haha, we were singing the hokey pokey and she kept saying it.... so fricken CUTE!)

**she is at the stage right now where almost every single thing she says is the cutest thing ever!!!! :)

Other random Haven stories:

Haven took a bunch of stuff out of a box and I told her to put them back b/c it was a huge mess!  Then I was busy doing something else.  She comes up to me, takes my hand, leads me back over where she had put everything back and says "BACK!  BACK!"  (then with a concerned look says) "Mommy, clap!".  So I clapped for her and she got the biggest smile in the universe on her face!

Haven was "helping" me fold laundry and she grabbed 2 of my bras.  She put the straps over her head and ran off to Daddy saying "Bra!  Bra!".

The other day she "called" Santa on her phone and said "Santa? Hi, Santa! ho ho ho" and a little later was telling him "EE naughty!" (She calls Venily "EE" and I have had to call and tell Santa that Venily was naughty a few times, lol, so she was helping me out!)


Last week (when she was still rear-facing) I got in the car and put some apple scented hand sanitizer on (the first time I had used that kind in the car) and Haven immediately started saying "apple! apple!".  I was so impressed, lol!  Venily usually messes up the smells of things all the time!


My FAVORITE thing about her at this age:

Random hugs, kisses and tickles!  She is the sweetest girl in the UNIVERSE!!!!!  ♥

Daddy's FAVORITE thing about her at this age:

How she shakes her head yes and no for everything.  "Yes" is the best because it is very dramatic and slow! :)   If you ask her if she loves Mommy, Daddy, or Venily she always shakes her head yes!  She is seriously the BEST!  Daddy says that this is his absolute favorite age of "baby" and I think I might have to agree with him.  :)


****Xmas update to come.  Hopefully soon!!

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