Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random Kid Updates, while I remember...

Haven is finally eating a bit less baby food.  She had me worried there for a while, eating 3 entire jars a day and a large bowl of cereal! lol.  Recently she has started eating about 2 jars a day and a bowl of cereal now.  And bites of real food here and there. 

at the rate she was going before, all this food would only have lasted me a little over a week, lol!


Also, I had said she had some stranger anxiety, well that was short lived!  She loves EVERYONE again, lol!!  She is such a little flirt too with cute boys/men!  Actually anyone really!  Everyone and everything makes her smile, she is such a smiley little girl! That is the number one comment I get from people, how smiley she is and what a cute smile she has!  Some others comments I usually get include "I love her earrings", "She has such pretty eyes" and of course "She is so cute!".  ♥

We met GIBBY from iCarly today!!  AMAZING!  lol!  I've never met anyone very famous before.  Some football players, basketball players, and a guy from Sesame street when I was younger... no one that I actually knew their name until today! :)  iCarly is Venily's FAVORITE show (her dad and I love it too, lol, it really fits our dorky sense of humor) and Gibby is one of our FAVORITE characters!  Venily ALWAYS takes off her shirt just like Gibby and dances around just like Gibby.  She and I were both star struck today, lol!  She got an autographed picture of him as well and we got our picture taken with him.  We hung up his picture in her room and after I put her to bed I noticed her light was on.  I went in there to see why she had it on and she said "I wanted to be able to see Gibby".  LOL! :)

Venily is trying to get rid of her nap!!!!!  Today was the third day this week that she DIDN'T take a nap!  She always takes a nap usually!  Ever since the time change she has been waking up an hour later even though she goes to bed at the same time (totally awesome!) BUT she doesn't want to nap now!  I am mean and make her stay in her room for that time anyway (she usually doesn't mind and just plays quietly), but I'm not ready for no naps!

 I don't think I've written this down yet, but Venily has an AMAZING memory that absolutely astounds me!  Like tonight when we were reading our bedtime books... she has a book called Corduroy.  It's about a 725 word book (I counted) with NO repetition and is has a 3.2 reading grade level.  Not easy by any means.  She has the ENTIRE thing memorized word-for-word and can recite the entire thing!  It's a little creepy! lol.  Sometimes I'll be reading it and mess up a word or two or accidentally say "she said" instead of "she wondered" or something like that and Venily will correct me!!  And I can just turn to a page and she'll tell me every word on the page... if you showed me any picture in that book and told me you'd give me a million dollars if I could say every word that's on the page without looking at the words, I wouldn't be able to do it... but she can!

And it's like that for a lot of her books.  She has them memorized after only hearing them a couple of times!


  1. Does she recognize those words in other books?

  2. No, lol, she doesn't recognize the words at all, she just has the pages memorized! Jason even tested her the one day, he thought there was no way that she was able to remember all of that, but when you point to a word, she doesn't know what it is!