Friday, March 26, 2010

♥ ♥ Haven is 6 months! ♥ ♥

Happy 1/2 birthday to my little Haven Araya Young!!!  These 6 months have gone ENTIRELY too fast, I can NOT believe it!  I was reading over all of Venily's 6 month posts and if Haven is anything like her sister, we are in for a fun-filled month with lots of milestones, I can't wait!!  Though if we could please hold off on the crawling... that's the only one I'd like to wait a little on because I know once she gets that one down, my job is going to get Sooooo much harder!  Funner, but definitely harder! ;)

Here are her 6 month stats:

19 pounds, 1 ounce

Length: 28.5 inches

(Venily was 16lbs, 13oz and 27.25in!)

Haven's updated growth charts:

(coming soon)

Clothes size: Mostly 12m, even a few 18m now too.  I took out her spring/summer stuff and I'm so excited for warmer weather!  

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 2 

SLEEPING: Hit or miss still.  Sometimes sleeps through the night, sometimes waking up once or occasionally twice.  I think it would be more consistent if she had her own room (she's sleeping in her crib in our room b/c being in Venily's room would be even worse, haha).  She usually goes to bed around 7 or 8pm and she sleeps until around 7-7:30am.  She is now taking 2-3 naps a day.  We're usually running around in the morning so sometimes she'll sleep in the car for 10 minutes or so and think that's her morning nap, lol!

EATING: Still breastfeeding!!!  I feel good about making it to the 6m milestone mark, but fully intend to go the full 12m! :)  She is also still eating 3 solid food meals a day.  A little less baby food though then she was last month.  She goes through about 2 jars of baby food and a bowl of cereal a day.  She is also eating quite a bit of finger food now!  And can do it all by herself!!  She can make it into her mouth about 80% of the time, in only a week she's improved considerably!!  She is still racking it up in her hand and then putting it in her mouth, no pincher grasp yet...

New foods from the last half month (though it's getting harder to keep track of them all): harvest vegetables, various mixed fruits, mixed fruit and yogurt, macaroni and cheese, cinnamon raisin granola, mandarin oranges, steamed broccoli (LOVED it!), and other bites of whatever we're having (as long as it's healthy!).  I still haven't found anything she doesn't like! 

PLAYING: Really loves all of her toys that make sounds!  Also LOVES bead toys (you know, the kind that are on a wire and you move them around). Loves blocks!  LOVES the bathtime duck that goes over the faucet, it never fails to excite her, haha!  Doesn't really go in her excersaucer much anymore unless I'm taking a shower, I'll put her in the doorway in it.  Loves playing outside.  And loves to bang on everything, she thinks it's so fun (she bangs on my hand too for 'high fives')!  Also splashing even more in the bathtub, so much so that I get soaked sometimes while bathing her!  She is so different from Venily, in the fact that water on her face and eyes doesn't bother her at all!

APPEARANCE: Same.  Hair is filling in a little more though and seems to be getting a little darker! :)

TEETH: Still none! Though the biting and drooling continues...

SPEECH: lots of vowels and consonants she now has: "h", "g", ♥b♥, m, and I've gotten a few "d"'s now as well!  I love when she gets a good story going, I could listen to her forever!!!

-signs: still just waving, though she waves all the time now!  she is just starting to try to mimic me for "so big" and is starting to try and clap

MOVEMENT: Rolling is her favorite means of moving.  She makes it across our living room in a matter of minutes!  I always put her on a blanket on the floor (so if when she spits up, I don't have to bust out the carpet cleaner, I can just throw the blanket in the laundry) and she refuses to stay on it! lol

  I put her on that pink blanket back there and she kept rolling until she got into the kitchen! :)

Loves to sit independently and can go from sitting to laying down with no problems.  Still no crawling, but likes to schooch around.  When I put a toy in front of her that she wants but can't reach she gets so excited trying to get it.  Lol, she usually bobs up and down, banging her face into the ground and then rolls side to side trying to figure out a way to move forward!

I will be more than happy though if she decides to take her time on the crawling thing!  I know how much harder my job is going to get once she starts!  Also, she shares a fondness for "icks" (crumbs, pieces of dirt, grass, etc.) just like Venily, and I have caught her trying to put them in her mouth several times!  Venily was OBSESSED with putting any and every little thing in her mouth, including bugs, haha!

OTHER:  I don't think that I've mentioned lately that she still spits up every 5 minutes... but she does!  I hope she skips crawling and goes straight to walking, b/c I know that walking is the only way to get it to stop! :)


I can't believe how fast she is learning new things!  A baby's first year is probably always going to be my favorite!  Every single day she is learning new things and improving on other things she has learned, it's the most amazing thing to watch her grow and change.  I feel so blessed to be a Mommy!  ♥  I love you so much Haven, I can't wait for the next 6 months!!  You are and always will be my little sunshine!  ♥


Haven's LIKES:
* Mommy, Daddy, and especially Venily

* Getting her face washed after eating, goofy girl!

*Finger foods, especially when she can do it herself!

*Strings!  On toys or sweatshirts, etc., she loves them! 

*Obsessed with the remote and wires, just like Daddy!

*Taking off her socks (I don't know why I even bother putting them on) and sucking on her toes, haha, she's always got her toes in her mouth now!

*Splashing in the bathtub

*Flirting with people with her giant super-sweet smile! :)

* Still loves to "rock out"! :)

*Being tickled!  ♥

* ♥ Smiling, smiling's her favorite!!!!  ♥ (For real though, I was actually worried there might be something wrong with her!  Back in college I took a "Psychology for the Exceptional Child" class and we had a guest speaker come in and it was a mom and her little girl.  The girl had a disorder where she was constantly happy all the time, I don't remember what it was called, but the little girl couldn't stop smiling!  I even looked it up 'just to be sure' and I know Haven doesn't have it...she is just blessed (or we all are actually) with a VERY happy little personality!)  I tell you, that smile is going to do AMAZING things! :)

*Playing outside


* Being tired when she can't be in bed

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 6 month Update)

Pics: Venily at 6 months! 

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