Friday, March 1, 2013

Venily- parent/teacher conference!

Yes, I'm caught up on my posts now!!

On Wednesday, we had Venily's 2nd Kindergarten parent/teacher conference.  She is doing so well, way above and beyond the average Kindergartener (and she's supposed to be in 4K this year).  She scored well above grade level on all of her MAPS and PALS tests.  She was also one of the few students who took the reading assessment to figure out reading level.  She scored between a 1st and 2nd grade level.  She has mastered all of the top 100 sight words for Kindergarten, so we have decided to have her take weekly spelling tests on the words.  She'll get her words on Monday and take her test on Friday.  She's excited about it, lol!  I am grateful that her teacher is willing to go out of her way to meet her needs, just another reason why I love Mrs. Jacobs! :)

Venily continues to do well on everything else as well.  We are now working on having her add more details to her stories and learning the value of various groups of coins.

Here is a picture of how Venily writes her name on all of her school work, it cracks me up!

And here is how she went to school today for "Doctor Seuss Character day"  (every Friday they do something different)

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