Friday, March 1, 2013

Haven read her 1st book!!!!!!

About 2 weeks ago, Haven got a book sent home with her from school.  Her teacher said she read it at school and that she was supposed to read it at home and send it back the next time she went to school.  I couldn't believe how well she read it!  She's been sounding out words for a while now, but I never thought to have her try a book.  We also hadn't worked on any sight words yet.  I was so impressed on how fast she's been picking up the sight words though too!  She got a new book this week and read it equally as well.  She will be 3.5 years old at the end of this month!! :)  I'm so excited that both of the girls have inherited my love of reading!!  Haven asks all the time "Can I read my book again?"

(She did her own hair in case you were wondering... LOL!)

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