Friday, March 1, 2013

Doctor visits and current stats!

Both girls had visits to the doctor's in February so I have their current stats!  Venily had a suspected case of pink eye and Haven was having some chest pains that we wanted to get checked out.  I must say, even though Aurora switching over their records was a pain, I love that they give you print outs now at the end of each appointment!

Venily- 2/5/13- (5 years, 3 months old)

Height: 3'11" (47 inches)  (96.87%)

Weight: 43lbs (62.18%)

BMI: 13.69 (8.16%)

***At her 5 year appointment she was 45in, 40lbs, and at a 16% for BMI.  Crazy how much a child can grow in a few months, lol!


Haven- 2/12/13- (3 years, 4 months old)

Height: 3'6" (42 inches) (99.20%)

Weight: 35lbs, 6.4oz (77.20%)

BMI: 14.11 (8.21%)

***At her 3 year appointment she was 35lbs, 41in, and at a 12% for BMI.

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