Friday, March 1, 2013

Haven- 4K Registration!

I registered Haven for 4K on February 1st!  She will be taking the Kindergarten Screening on March 26th.  I'm so excited!  As with Venily, she will be testing a year early into school.  I have no doubts that she will pass with flying colors.  I am really sad though that she will be leaving her preschool because her teacher does such an amazing job teaching to each child's level.  I know that 4K will actually be a "step down" for Haven, but it will be 5 days a week and will get her used to riding the bus and going to Wheatland and will allow her to go right to Kindergarten the following year.  Plus, it's FREE, and she gets to have computers, gym, art, and music classes too.  And I get to check in on her and possibly teach her class, which will be fun.  I also fully plan to supplement her education at home, so I'm not too worried about that aspect.

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